That is the best way to describe my feelings regarding my job search as the year winds down.  The year may very well end, the way it started, with me on the hunt.  I had high hopes, with realistic expectations of course, yet I’m still so disappointed.  Just to be clear, I do have a job, and while I do enjoy many aspects of this job, and I am grateful for the flexibility it provided while I was in school, I am ready to start a new.  I have been ready to start for a long time.  I know the state of the job market with college grads, and I continue to keep an open mind.

My disappointment doesn’t necessarily mean its all bad.  I have been on a quite a few interviews just in the last month and half.  I was even invited back for a second interview at one company.  I’ve never had as many as I’ve had in such a short period.  So while, I am disappointed, I am also excited, and motivated to keep pushing as I’ve ever been.

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