To My Dream Reader

To My Dream Reader,

Today’s blogging assignment ask that I write a post with you in mind.

Honest, I have never thought of you.  I have always written for me.  Dream Reader, you have never crossed my mind.

From your other side of the screen, you have been with me from the beginning, reading every post.  As a result, you have slowly figured me out.  You have probably picked up on my personality, vulnerability, my strength, and my weakness.  You’ve realized that for me, writing is an outlet, you’ve even realized that I have never written with the intent to share before this blog.

You read about my struggle to blog consistently and to become a better writer.  You read about about my struggles as I try to get my foot on solid ground.  You read about my hopes, dreams and fears.  You read as I’m flying high, and you read as I’m dealing with disappointment.

You respond with constructive criticism, carefully, because you do not want to offend my sensibilities. You understand what I am going through as you read a particular post, and probably feel that you could of written my post at some point.  You respond with with encouraging words, providing advice and words of wisdom.

From my side of the screen, If I have something to say, I eagerly write.  At first I don’t realize it, but soon I am looking forward to your response.  Your criticisms, your encouraging words and advice, essential to my growth as a writer and a blogger.

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