Valentines Not So Serious

Its Valentines Weekend! A store in my neighborhood put out their Valentines items after Christmas. I’m talking the day after. I’m guessing they couldn’t wait.

So there’s a lot of excitement this weekend, versus last weekend. I hear conversations of big plans, and excitement from people with some high expectations. So there are some people that take this weekend very seriously.  Its sort of a big deal for them.

I often wonder if these plans and gifts would mean the same thing if it were another weekend, or another day. Is the necklace from your boyfriend on valentines day more special because he gave it to you on Valentines day, versus the bracelet he got you because he saw it in the window, and it reminded him of you? Are your plans for the weekend exciting mainly because it is Valentines Day weekend versus say, the following weekend? I’ve had these conversations with friends. Answers seems to vary depending on whether or not you happen to be single or in a relationship that particular year.

What we typically see on the days leading up to Valentines Day or the day itself is, a) the person who has everything riding on on this day. Its make or break for their relationship. b) The person who is bummed because they are have no one, and well, the day really sucks for them.

How about every one relax, and enjoy it in their own way. Don’t put much so much pressure on your beau that you forget how wonderful he is. And by the way, ladies don’t forget you can do something special for the guys as well.

If your single, there’s nothing wrong with being single.  Yes, even on Valentines Day. There is nothing wrong with you. If you want to make it bit more interesting, love yourself some more that weekend. Spoil yourself if you want to. Get that manicure and pedicure, that massage you’ve long for, get your hair done because you want to. Get your girls together, go out and dance like no one is watching. Have a good time. Don’t take it all so seriously, and just have fun.

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