Day 2: A book By Its Cover

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Its cliche that we’ve heard over and over it, but yet so many people do it.

At work today, a kid maybe 13-15 years old needed by help.  He was dressed in all black, crazy hair, piercings, guitar on his back, and his bag on his side.  From the outside, people who don’t know this kid, probably have made some assumptions about him, just  on his look.  I could tell from the those waiting in line behind him, what they might be thinking.

“Not smart”, “lazy”, “Weirdo rocker type”.

They didn’t speak to him, and I bet they didn’t hear him speaking to me.  He was one of the sweetest, smartest, and well mannered kid I have ever encountered at work.  Those standing behind him, don’t know that.  They saw him, but attached a stereotype to him that he did not deserve.  A stereotype just on his appearance.

So many of us are guilty of it at some point, and that is why I feel so strongly about it.  Some of my best friends are nothing like I thought they were when I first met them.  I didn’t have negative or stereotypical views, but they still weren’t who I thought they were, before I got to know them.  Not even close.  I have also had people make assumptions about me, just because I have a “urban name”.  What they didn’t know was, I came from a good family, and what they later learn was that I was a good student and a good employee.

People are so much more than what they are appear to be on the outside.  I am so glad I didn’t let stereotypes decide how I should feel about people.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t enjoy the different people I get to work with everyday, and wouldn’t have the friendships I have.

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