Texting While Walking


My new pet peeve.

It seems like people are constantly walking into me with their head down.  To be more specific, they have their head down, and they are giving their complete attention to their phones.

People are constantly walking into me.  I have had baby strollers, and shopping carts  pushed into me.  The constant common factor is that these people aren’t paying attention to where they are going because they are completely focused on their phone.

What really irks me is, they walk into to you, and then look at you like you did something wrong.  And no way am I apologizing.  I have no reason to apologize because I did nothing wrong.  I was paying attention.

Like a lot of people, I text quite often.  I understand the need to stay connected.  However, when I’m walking, I’m walking.  If I need to respond to someone right away, whether through a phone call or text, I make sure I’m not in anyone’s way.

The past few days, it seems like people are just constantly walking into me.  I’m pretty chill, but New York City side-walks can get very busy, and it is annoying to have people constantly run into you.

And we can’t ignore the safety aspect of it.  A person not paying attention to where they are going could hurt themselves and some one else.  So put the phone down and pay attention.

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