Well Meaning Insult

I walked out of the dressing room with the items secure in my shopping bag.  I was still unsure about the fit.  I’ll try a size smaller, I decide.  If it was a better fit, I would be content with that, and if it weren’t, I’d feel satisfied knowing I have the best fit as I left the store.

So I walked over to the shelves of jeans.  Looking for a size smaller than I had in my shopping bag.  The sales associate, asked me if I needed any help.  I told him that I was fine.  I thought that was it, he’d move on.  Instead, he told me that their stores in the city, carried larger sizes.

Just to give a quick back ground, I’m a 5-5 curvy girl.  Shopping for jeans are challenge because I’m never satisfied with the fit, and I am always settling.  In this particular case, the waste of the jeans were big, and the thigh area were somewhat snug.  Its a constant problem for me, so I was use to it.  I had never bought jeans from this store, so trying a pair of jeans a size smaller, would tell me whether I had the best fit.

At first I was sort speechless.  Then I realize that he probably didn’t realize he had insulted and offend me.  He didn’t know that in the past, I spent a lot of time in the plus size section in department stores, and that only in recent years had i started shopping at stores where they sell normal sizes.  He didn’t know any of this course, and was only trying to be helpful.  Still it hurt.  It made me angry.

I really wanted to say, “dude, f**k you”.

Instead, I said, “thank you, but I’ve got all I needed”.  I then went to pay for my items.