Job Search Rollercoaster

I’ve been on many on many interviews.  So many I don’t keep count.

In the beginning, I would become excited because I had this great opportunity in front of me.  Now I try to taper my excitement because I’ve been do disappointed so many times.

I am so tired of going on great interviews, only to never hear back.  I can take a rejection.  I can handle it, and will use it as a learning experience.  What I can not handle is never hearing back from the interviewer.  More times than not, I feel like I wasted my time going on the interview, money I spent on a new suit because I wanted to look and feel fresh and confident, and the cost it takes going back and forth, especially when they are multiple interviews.  Only to never hear back from the company or the hiring manager.  Ever.

It makes me feel like a sucker.  It makes me feel like I was apart of some game they were playing.  This may not even be true or close to the truth, but when there is no communication, you are left with your own conclusions.