The Continous Job Search

I had a rough couple weeks.  It is easy to get discourage.  This week however, I’ve managed to pull myself up as much as I can, and scored a few interviews.

While I am happy to have these opportunities, I have to admit that it is getting harder for me to get excited.  I’ve run into disappointments so many times, that I hold back until I am sitting across from the person interviewing me.

The unprofessional behavior I’ve encountered continues to astound me.  Just when i think I’ve seen something absurd, something else happens to one up the previous experience.  If they didn’t happen to me, I don’t think I would believe it happened.  I’ve had interviewers take personal calls, that go on for an extended time, while I’m sitting in front of them,  constant interruptions, and an interviewer who barely looked at me.  I as well as other job seekers, put a lot of effort in these interviews, and I think its shameful what we sometimes experience.  From no responses to just bad behavior. I can handle a rejection, but is it too much to ask for some courtesy and professionalism.