End of Summer, Back to School

In the coming days, millions of kids will go back to school in NYC.  I am excited for the kid who will have their very first day, and those who will be embarking on their last first day.  After all, I remember what it was like.  The battle of emotions, nervousness, anxiety, and fear.  In the end, no one emotion wins out, but that is what makes the beginning so exciting.

I’m sure there are a lot of kids, who aren’t excited to go back at all.  They have enjoyed the freedom of summer and aren’t looking forward to going back to school.  There are somethings I’m not looking forward to as kids go back to school either.

I’ve enjoyed my summer commute to and from work, and anywhere else I chose to go in the city.  The bus and subway rides are quieter.  There are less people taking mass transit.  I can actually sit down when I take mass transit.   There isn’t nearly as much traffic with school buses stopping to pick up.  I did not wake up to the sound of school buses picking up kids in the neighborhood.  I  did not have to plan outings around traffic.

So I’ve enjoyed the summer just as much as the kiddies.  I’m sad to see it end too.


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