Overweight People Are Aware of Their Weight Problems

I say this as someone who  struggled with her weight for most  of her life.  Fat, heavy, overweight people, know what they look like.  They don’t need anyone to remind them what they look like.  We all see ourselves every day.  They also likely have gotten a lecture from their doctors about their weight.  Lectures they received more than a few times.

People use to say to me, “don’t you see how big your getting?” “When are you going to stop eating?” “Have you seen yourself lately?”  Just a really small sample of the things I heard.  Yes I did see myself, and yes I did notice how big I was getting.  I avoided weighing myself because I saw what I look like, and was aware of how my clothes fit.  Even as I noticed all of this, I made no changes.  I made no real effort to change my eating and to become active.  I’m sure there were deeper reasons behind this, that could be delved into.  However, my point is nothing anyone said motivated to me “to put the fork down”.

I don’t buy this idea that berating, bullying, or “fatshaming” someone  is going to somehow give them the kick they need to get going.  I don’t think bullying and “fatshaming” is encouragement.  Don’t get me wrong, it will work for some people, but I don’t believe it works for most.  While I was never bullied or “fatshamed”( the word is fairly new), I know it wouldn’t of worked for me.  I would of cried and stuffed my face when no one was looking.  That was how I dealt with most things at that time.

Someone people think that the body acceptance movements encourages people to be unhealthy.  I won’t offer any opinion on that because I haven’t thought much of about it, but if it existed while I was nearing 230 lbs at 5ft. 5inches, it wouldn’t of encouraged me to stay fat.  Why?  Because I saw myself, and I knew the reason why I didn’t want to weigh myself, I notice that I was buying larger sizes at the store. I knew deep down, even if I wasn’t actively trying to change.

Yes there are people who make excuses. I just think those people aren’t ready to make any changes.  That is what people need to understand.  People are going to make the changes  they need when they are ready and willing to.  You can not force people to do something they aren’t ready and willing to do, whether you do it nicely or with mean intent.  Just be there for them when they are ready.  Its not easy, and a word of support will go a long way.

3 thoughts on “Overweight People Are Aware of Their Weight Problems

  1. Well I’ve always been on the average to skinny side throughout my life, but I find it quite upsetting that “fatshaming” happens. I’m pretty appalled that people have the audacity to say things like that. I so agree with your remarks towards the end. I’m a strong believer of enjoying life and living it the way I want to. Also change can only be done by the doer themselves. Lovely, thoughtful post, Nikki!

    Happy blogging,
    Summer at Xingsings


  2. I agree with you! I get offended when people are “fat-shaming” on social media. Making fun of people is not going to help them get on the right track. People will change their lifestyle when they’re ready to change.
    Thank you for posting this. For me, my weight is probably my biggest secret. It’s very brave of you to post this and I look up to you for that, you go girl!


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