Taking Compliments

I think that I was complimented so little, that when I started getting compliments, I didn’t know how to handle them.  I would awkwardly say thank you, make a confused face, not respond at all, or just brush it off.

A coworker paid me a compliment early this week, and I’ve been thinking about my reaction.  It was a compliment I had received before from a close friend, but I downplayed it.  Just like I down played it before.

The easy thing to do, would be to smile and say thank you.  Those things things that would come natural for another person, didn’t come natural for me.

I admit that I didn’t receive compliments often when I was younger.  I was never told that I was pretty, that a dress I was wearing was pretty,  that my hair looked good, in fact, it often didn’t.  So compliments were far and few in between.

I think my reactions to compliments come from the fact I didn’t receive them often.  Because I didn’t receive them, I didn’t believe them when  I did.  I didn’t believe that I can look good because most of my life, I was overweight and didn’t know how to dress by body.  I didn’t believe I could make my hair look good, when I threw it in nothing but a pony tail from middle school to high school.

When someone pays me a compliment.  I just want to take it stride.  I want to believe them. I want it to boost my confidence, rather than doubt myself.

One thought on “Taking Compliments

  1. I’m exactly the same! I can’t take compliments, but my reactions are a teeny bit different then yours. When I get a compliment, I deny them outright 😀 Like when a friend of mine says “wow you really look nice today” I say “Eehhh I don’t think so.” -_-


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