Writing and Not Writing

I admire those who write for a living.  I know how hard it is to write when you have nothing to write, when your heart may not be fully in your writing, but yet you have to write.

I’m not a professional writer, and I don’t write for living.  I don’t have the pressures they may have.  I write because I enjoy it.  It fills a space within me.  I can write whenever I feel like it without having to answer to someone.

In college, I wrote papers on subjects I had little care for.  Some of them were really good papers, but I did not enjoy writing them.  There was very little of me in them, even as I wrote them.  So when I have to write versus wanting to write, I don’t find any enjoyment it.

When I am not writing, I’m usually reading someone else’s writing.  Either in the form of a book, no matter how ridiculous the plot or a blog.  Not only do I enjoy it, it can give me inspiration for my own writing.

Sometimes, having a blog, I find myself thinking of things to write about, but I try not to obsess about the next thing to write.  Blogging for me is suppose to be fun, an outlet to express myself.  I understand that some people take their blogging very seriously.  Right now, that isn’t me.

I think taking a break from anything is a good idea.  Its good to hit pause and reset on at certain times. Doing this allows for us to clear our minds, have new experience, and get gain further inspiration.

Writing 101 Day 9: What do you do when you’re not writing? How do you reset and return to this dashboard. The assignments also asks how you would structure you day to write if you had little time to write, and suddenly had extra time.

One thought on “Writing and Not Writing

  1. We all need a break from whatever we do on a regular basis, it is definitely refreshing. It can be hard though especially when what you do on a regular basis is addicting in some form. For a lot of us who like to write, writing is addictive! I love it and wish I could do it all the time but then my mind gets stale and starts screaming at me lol.


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