Critiquing The News

I use to be a news junkie, and in some ways I still am.,I use to watch all the news channels and read the papers, and I use to enjoy it. Now I get the information I need and go.

The news industry has become more entertainment. I think we watch now to be more entertained than to be informed. Everyone has their go to news personality. Viewers seem to care more about the personality, than the actual news being delivered. They are in our homes every night, like friends, its only right we have our favorites.

One of the things that has bothered me in this social media age with the news is, there seems to less of an emphasis on being accurate. For example when there is a tragedy, they might give you a number for casualties and those injured. They’ll follow up and tell you that information may not be accurate. I’ve also notice reporters say things like, “we are hearing….” followed by “these reports have not been confirmed “What is the point in giving out information that has not been confirmed?” There is no benefit in admittedly giving out information that you know may not be accurate. It doesn’t serve the viewer and it doesn’t serve the reporter.

We can’t ignore the left and right news. I can’t decide what is more bothersome, the fact that we have left and right news, or people tuning into news because it lines up with their views. Shouldn’t we tuning into news for accurate information, rather than a place to get reinforcement about our views? I use think this was just a cable news things, but I started noticing it in our local paper, and even our local TV news, as news have become shameless in their bias. I know that news is a business, and the goal of any business is to make money. I understand that they, in some ways have to market to their audience. However, it is hard to trust a news organization that sells you something other than news.

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