Mining My Own Material

Today’s Writing 101 assignment  prompt instruct us to find ideas in places we already have access to.  These places in include our dashboard, our blog readers, and social media.

As a very new blogger, the things I struggle with is finding something to write about.  Sometimes I treat this blog as a journal, other times, I write about other things.  I haven’t decided on what the goal is for this blog, so sometimes, I go back and forth about writing what  I want to write about, and what may attract readers.  It is a balance I’m trying to figure out because I love the feel of community that a post might bring.

As I sifted through my social media accounts, I couldn’t narrow down one thing that I could zero in on, and write about.  I went through my twitter “likes” and re-tweets.  There was good stuff there, but when I tried to figure out why I “liked” a tweet or re-tweet a particular tweet, I couldn’t come up with the reason.  I’m not very active on twitter, so surely there was a good reason, I “liked” or re-tweeted.  What was going on at the time that these things resonated with me.

I had the same experience sifting through my Facebook timeline.  I clicked “like” major milestones of friends, not so great moments, inspirational quotes, and videos.  Yet as  I was trying to zero in on something specific, I couldn’t.

I finally realized  I couldn’t nail down one story or post because there were many posts that could of been written.  Something inspired me to hit the favorite button on this quote:

Learn to trust the journey, even when you do not understand it.

and this:

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going

How did I feel when I “liked” engagement announcements, birth announcement, admissions to graduate, and law school?  Did I make any kind of judgment? Was I happy or was  jealous?  Was I happy with a twinge of jealousy?

In these moments, they may have seemed like nothing, but now I realize there is a story or an idea for a post behind my social media actions.  I didn’t hit the “like” icon, “favorite” icon, and re-tweet just because.  Now I know that there was an idea for blog post in there.  So when I struggle with things to write about, I know that there are post waiting to written in my social media interactions.

2 thoughts on “Mining My Own Material

  1. Great post! I truly enjoy reading posts where someone is describing their process, so to speak. I think there is inspiration to be had everywhere, and that sometimes it feels like nowhere because there is just too much we can’t hone in on it. I love the quotes you shared here, those are great and so powerful!


  2. I’m the same way, there are many reasons why I “like” or “favorite” or “re-tweet” something and although I know at the time why, I don’t always remember the reason when I go back to it later. It’s one of those “well it was important at the time!” haha 🙂 Love the quotes too by the way…


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