No Map Needed

I don’t need a map.

I’ve been using the same route for years.

My college wasn’t far from my home, and my job isn’t that far from my college.  The route is similar, and if I’m going to either one, I’ll end up on the same road.

I’m going to the same places, I’ve been going to for years, and even when I’m not going those places, I’m on the same road.

This has been the metaphor for my life thus far.  It feels like I’m going in circles, and going no where.  Even when I’m going some place, it feels like I’m going no where because I’m going to all the same places I’ve been going.

Right now I don’t need a map, but I’d like to need one.

Writing 101: Day 17

One thought on “No Map Needed

  1. Saw your post on Writing101. I was definitely expecting a comforting post based on the title, but it is actually kind of depressing! It sounds like you need a bite from the travel bug! I have no negative feedback for your post though, it is a great expression of how you are feeling.

    My map post is a “Travel Thanksgiving.” It’s me giving thanks to some places I have been throughout the years that have left their mark on me. I’d love to hear your feedback!


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