I Should Have

He watches me while I work.  He asks me out the first opportunity he gets.

I should of said no.  Make up a lie about having a boyfriend.

I want to say I’m not interested, but he seems nice enough.  I relented but I’m really not interested.  I feel bad because he’s a nice guy, and that makes it so much harder.

I should have turned him down.

He recognized me right away.  In a city as big as this, what were the chances we run into each other.  He’s polite but obviously wants to keep things short.  I’m not hurt, I understand it.

I should have apologized again, even if it sounds tired to my own ears.

Leaving a mid day conference, he gets on the elevator with me.  I enjoy our talk all the way down.  He was charming, and his confidence took up the elevator.  I knew it was coming before we reached the lobby.  He asks me out, but I worry about leading on another guy, I may not be into.  I politely turn him down.  He hands me his business card, in case I want to talk.  I never use it.

I should have said yes.





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