One Year Blogging

A few weeks ago, I marked my one year anniversary blogging.  I’ve been busy, but I couldn’t let the accomplishment go by with out acknowledging this milestone.  I have been blogging for a little more than a year.  WOW!

I remember thinking about starting a blog, but was so intimidated by the idea of having a blog. I had no expectations when I started, and I’m learning as I go.  There were so any great blogs, and I didn’t have any goals of being the next great blog.  I just wanted to a little space of my own.  Having a small following wasn’t even something I considered, but now consider it a bonus.

What I’ve gotten in this one year of blogging is finding other great bloggers, so many of them new like me.  The feedback I have received has been really encouraging. Something I didn’t expect, but I’ve been really appreciative of.

I’ve really enjoyed this little space I’ve created for myself, and appreciative to everyone who has read, liked, and commented.

So I say Happy Anniversary to this blog, and look forward to more blogging.

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