Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Goodbye, 2015.  Hello, 2016.

Its hard to jump into 2016, without at the very least, glancing back at 2015.  There were many ups and downs.  There were times when it was more down than up, and sometimes more up than down.  All of it made for good times and bad times.

The moments that I really treasured in 2015 were when I did something I was afraid of doing.  I’ve made new relationships with coworkers, I’ve gone to places I was afraid of going, I went out more, I’ve made progress being social, going out, meeting new people, and  I gained a level on confidence that  I did not have but hope to continue to gain.  I’ve found great bloggers on this platform.  All of whom have been supportive and encouraging.

Of course 2015, was filled with its portion of disappointments.  There were times I was depressed and discouraged.  I was confused about the direction I was going, or wasn’t going and I questioned myself at every turn.

In 2016, I am going to continue to improve on the positive, and grow in areas where I struggled in 2016.  I want to be deliberate about writing in this space more often.  I’m even contemplating removing some of the anonymity of the blog.  A step towards eventually removing it completely perhaps?  It is scary for me to think about, but I’m open to it.  I plan to do more things that scare me this year.


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