Lucky, Unlucky

I noticed something was missing as soon as I starting walking down the steps of the subway.  My bank card wasn’t in its usual spot.  I continued to the platform, and searched my wallet.  Its possible I pushed it somewhere else in haste.  When I couldn’t find it in my wallet, I searched my purse.  Not there either.

I ran up the stairs of the subway.  Maybe I dropped it when I opened my wallet for my metrocard, I thought.  No such luck.  I went back up to the street, still unsure what I was going to do.  If I dropped my card on the street, what are the chances of finding it, on busy wall street, and who knows how long its been missing.

There was a bank near by.  I could have reported it missing, and gotten a new one issued there.  However, it was rush hour, and likely very busy.  I decided to take a chance.  I knew it was unlikely I would find it, but I had made up my mind.  I would retrace my steps, and call the bank and when I reached my earliest location.

Halfway into retracing my steps, I went into a building I bought snacks from earlier.  I checked the lobby of building, the stairs and escalator.  No sign of the card.  I took the escalator right up to the floor of the store.  As I approached the cashier, he asked me, “are you…..”.  I was thankful, relieved, and happy that I had some good luck thrown my way.   Relieved that I found it, and happy that I didn’t have to walk  back to where I started that afternoon.

I was resign to the thought that I would not find it.  When you have the kind of luck that I seem to, you tend to have low expectations. It was good to experience some good fortune.  It was fleeting.

The following day, on my way to work, I was getting in a cab, and heard a ripping sound.  The sound I was hearing was the sound of my pants ripping.  Pure embarrassment  Good luck, it was nice while it lasted

One thought on “Lucky, Unlucky

  1. I get lucky and unlucky all the time as well.

    Recently, I was volunteering in a gift shop and once I got back home, I checked my kangaroo pocket in my hoodie and I realised I didn’t return the keys that were for the storeroom of the shop. So I had to go back to the shop to return them in the following morning. Sucks doesn’t it 😦


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