Bouncing Back

Last was just a rough week.  It was a week that had so much promise for me.  Things were looking up.  I had an  interview the week before at a great organization.  I was so confident about it.  I had years of experience and skills that they were looking for.  The rapport was great with the individuals who were interviewing me.  I was careful not come off over confident.  I’m not usually that optimistic, and a ball of nerves, but I’ve never felt as confident for a interview as a I did for this one. I thought this was a sure thing.

At the start of last week’s work week, I received a message that I did not get the job.  To call it disappointing would be understating it.  I felt sick.  I almost didn’t show up for my current job.  Dramatic, I know.  It was a hit to my confidence.  I spent the week replaying it in my mind, obsessing over every question, response, and facial expression.  I’m thankful for the numerous people who couldn’t believe I didn’t the job, who told me it was their loss, because girlfriend definitely needed a boost.

I wish I could of return from my blogging absence with better news, but I’m trying to bounce back from the hit my confidence took.  Many have said to me, I’ll “land where I’m suppose to be”.  I’m sure that is true, but it stings when it is so fresh.  Another experience, another lesson to learn from.

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