End of Summer


Summer doesn’t officially end until September 22, but we all know its really over after labor day.  Kids are back in school, and its back to business.  This is really going to impact my commute, that I’ve gotten so use to with my second job. So I’ve enjoyed the summer, and there are parts I’m going to miss.

  • I’m going to miss not getting stuck behind a school bus
  • My commuter seems shorter
  • Quiet train cars
  • Empty train cars
  • Not get beat up by large book bags
  • Traffic
  • Getting to work early
  • Not rushing

Its nothing personal against the kids, really.  I’m sure there are parts of the summer they will miss too.  I will miss it for them for my own selfish reason.  I just can’t not acknowledge how good commuting is when when school’s out.  I was was already sandwiched on a Q train after labor day.  Unofficial end of summer.

On the bright side, Fall is around the corner.  Apple cider and pumpkin spice!!!!