The Post-Election Blog Post

I had some issues at the polls election day. I’m not even certain my vote counted.  New York isn’t a a swing state, so I guess it didn’t matter to the outcome.

After a divisive, racist, xenophobic, and sexist campaign season, they want us to get together and hold hands.  Unity, they say.

Just like that that.

Have a I mention that social media is the worst?!

I thought that I would just be glad that its over.  Thanks to social media, cable news, I’m realizing that its only just beginning.

We are terribly divided right now, and its up to our new President to put us back together again.

Can he?  I don’t know.  Does he want or need to? After all, he rode the wave into the White House didn’t he?

“Give him a Chance”….I want to but…..

“He doesn’t mean all that stuff”…..Does anyone know that?

The truth was these were two very flawed candidates.  We could have chosen a third party candidate or write someone in on the ballot, but one of these two people were going to become our president.

There was always a chance you weren’t going to be happy with the results.

The People have spoken….or the electorate has spoken.

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