All or Nothing

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All or Nothing?.”

All or Nothing.  As with most things in life it is all about balance.  The trouble begins when we try to strike the balance, or tip the scale in one direction.

I’ve never met a person who wants nothing, has no dreams, who lacks ambition, and has no goals in life.  I’ve met people who may have stumbled on their way, but never people who want nothing.  This is a sad place to be.  What becomes your reason for living?  Whats your reason for living when you have nothing to look forward to, nothing that inspires and motivates you?

It could be argued that some may want nothing because they feel they have it all already, or they are satisfied with their life.  However, even those who feel they have it all or are content, want something.  Maybe not for themselves, but perhaps for others.  Maybe they have things they want for their children, grandchildren, and maybe they have bigger dreams for the world, so they dedicate themselves to philanthropy.  These people don’t kick their feet up, clap their hands and declare, “that’s it”.

The extreme to nothing is everything.  The trouble with wanting everything is that it is a grand task.  First where do you begin, and how do you begin?  And what happens when the plan that you’ve drawn up in your head or on paper, hits a hiccup or a road block?  Suddenly, the task became more challenging.

I’ve said before I’m a simple girl. My own goals and aspirations aren’t grand. By some standards, they are simple and realistic.  Yet, they are still challenging and I find myself struggling sometimes, which leads me to question myself, and in turn question everything.  I can only imagine what it would be like if I had huge dreams and wanted everything.

These are extremes on opposite ends.  If your heading too far in one direction, it is going to be a struggle.

So Tell Me About Yourself

Its the first questions in nearly every interview.   I know its coming.  Even with all my preparation, I’ve never quite felt comfortable with my “elevator speech”.  I use to think it was because I thought I sound too rehearsed, but I soon figured out what my problem was.

The first few blog assignments for blogging 101 included  tasks like answering the question “who are you and why are you here”, and working on your “about me” page.

What the tasks and interview question have in common is that they are all about me.  I read this post by fellow blogger, and was immediately like, ME TOO!

I don’t know why I’m so uncomfortable talking about myself.  I like myself.  Maybe its because I think people want to hear something interesting.  Maybe its because I don’t think I’m all that interesting.

I’m just a regular girl.  I love to read, I love various kinds of  music, and willing to give any kind a try.  I love museums, football games, a nice walk , except  while its cold.  I don’t enjoy shopping much, and don’t know a thing about make up.  I’m in my mid twenties, and I’m trying to find my way.  I’ve got my insecurities like everyone else.  I question myself , maybe a little too much, but I’m working on it.  Its all normal though.  Nothing that blows anyone away, I’m just me.

To My Dream Reader

To My Dream Reader,

Today’s blogging assignment ask that I write a post with you in mind.

Honest, I have never thought of you.  I have always written for me.  Dream Reader, you have never crossed my mind.

From your other side of the screen, you have been with me from the beginning, reading every post.  As a result, you have slowly figured me out.  You have probably picked up on my personality, vulnerability, my strength, and my weakness.  You’ve realized that for me, writing is an outlet, you’ve even realized that I have never written with the intent to share before this blog.

You read about my struggle to blog consistently and to become a better writer.  You read about about my struggles as I try to get my foot on solid ground.  You read about my hopes, dreams and fears.  You read as I’m flying high, and you read as I’m dealing with disappointment.

You respond with constructive criticism, carefully, because you do not want to offend my sensibilities. You understand what I am going through as you read a particular post, and probably feel that you could of written my post at some point.  You respond with with encouraging words, providing advice and words of wisdom.

From my side of the screen, If I have something to say, I eagerly write.  At first I don’t realize it, but soon I am looking forward to your response.  Your criticisms, your encouraging words and advice, essential to my growth as a writer and a blogger.

So Why Am I here?

I’m a Brooklyn girl in her mid twenties figuring out who I am.  I use to keep a journal as a child, and I  kept a journal as adult for a short while.  I have always loved reading, and I have always loved writing.  I have followed many personal blogs and always admired how open and honest people were.  It inspired me but I was always so nervous about sharing, and having people read my work, but here I am.

I guess you can say this is my way of getting to know an old friend again.  A hobby that I enjoyed and loved very much.  This time though, I’m sharing.

I don’t know exactly where this blog is going to go, but I think that is part of the nervousness and excitement of it.  I plan to write about my continuous struggles post college looking for a job, my hopes, dreams, fear my ups and downs.  I live in a city with so much diversity, and I have so many different interests, museums, football, shows, books, pop culture.  This blog could go anywhere.