Best Books Of 2015

Its crazy that someone who reads as much as I do, have not read any of the books on any best books of 2015 lists.  When I logged into amazon, I saw “The girl on the Train” as the number one book for so long, I don’t know when I stopped noticing.  Yet it was months before I clicked on it and read the blurb.  Even as intrigued as I was, I was distracted with other things, and couldn’t make myself interested.  Until now.


As I went through the many “best of” list, I felt out of the loop, and well, I like to be in the know.  So I’ve made it a goal to read any books from the best of 2015 list that interest me.  Yes, they have to interest me.  I can’t jump into a book simply because everyone is reading it.  A little pressure and encouragement, may nudge me eventually though.

So I’ve requested “The Girl on The Train” from the local library, which is still hugely popular.  I’m very excited to read it.  I’ve also requested the following two books, “Confess” by Colleen Hoover and “All The Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven.  Both were on best of 2015 lists, and both are very popular.  I’m sure being named one of the best books of the year only added to the popularity.

I know that  I can have these books on my e-book in one click, but I’ve decided to use the services of my library.  I can wait, but once I get those books are in my hand, I am jumping in.