Reading and Community

“We read to know we’re not alone.”

— William Nicholson, Shadowlands

One of my favorite things about reading was recognizing some of myself in the characters of some of my favorite books.  Whether it is sharing a favorite color, food, or weird character quirks, there is something special about finding a connection to something you read.

The internet constantly lets me know I am not a lone.  I know social media can get a bad wrap because it sometimes brings out the worse in the anonymity of internet.  However, it is hard to ignore some of the great things that have happened.  Whether it is a quote posted on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you realize that you share the the same feelings as the person who posted.  I often find yourself wondering why they may have posted it, because I understood why it struck a cord with me.

One of my favorite things about blogging is the feeling of community and camaraderie I feel with other bloggers.  It is an incredible feeling to read something from another blogger, that I felt I could have written myself.  After reading a post that has had an impact on me, I usually follow the blog, or the website.  Finding blogs that are relatable is the ultimate, “you are not alone”.  It lets me know that there are many people like myself, who are walking the same the the road that I am.  It is encouraging and It is comforting.


A Mundane Day

The writing 101 assignment instructed to recreate a single day.  I found this assignment quite challenging, and didn’t know which way to go with, but I gave it my best shot.

The alarm sounded at 6:00am.

I’m not working today, why is the alarm going off.

It would be 6:30am before I made a move to get up. Even when I don’t work, I still follow a routine. Prefer the gym early than later in the morning. Less people, means more available machines.

I leave the house at 7:15, and arrive at the gym at 7:30. There quite a few television sets. Some with 24 hours news, others with you daily morning television shows. Admittedly though, this is where I get my news, catching up on things that I may not care about, but will keep me in the know.

I leave the gym at 10:00. At 10:30, I have my post workout snack, while wondering how I will spend my day off. Am I up for the rush of the city, or should stay in with  a book. After all, I will be busy right through the weekend. There won’t be a lot of time for me time. What does the rest of day looks like weather wise. If its going to colder, I probably won’t want to go to the city, and its already feeling brisk.

At 11:30, I hit the shower, still unsure of what I’m going to do, but leaning towards doing nothing. At 12 pm, I start looking for an outfit. I’m still not sure about what I’m doing, but I like to be prepared. At 1:30, I start to get dressed. I’m going to spend some time at the college library getting some work done. I’m more incline to be more focus outside my home.

At 2:00, I’m feeling hungry so I stop by a nearby pizza shop and eat quickly because I want to get a good spot in the library. At 2:12, I have found a spot in the library. I get to work. Its pretty quiet in here today. I check my personal emails, work email, send follow up emails about jobs, send out new resumes, check social media, and finally decided to work on the latest writing 101 assignment while I’m here.

At 5:00, I start packing up my things and leave the campus. There is a new coffee spot nearby. I go in to check it out. Its clearly targeted toward college students, but who doesn’t want to try a new eatery. The baked goods look good, and the sandwiches look great. There is a line though. Students on their way to evening classes or those who are leaving classes for the day. I decide not to wait, I’ll just have dinner when I get home.

The cable box read 6:03 when I came in the door. I still wonder if I should have made better use of my time or if I should have pent the day on the couch. There wasn’t any hard work involved in my day so I’m okay with it.

I eat dinner at 8, and sign into WordPress to check the latest writing 101 assignment. I start prepping for bed at 10 because it is back to work tomorrow.

No Room

It’s been a long night. My feet hurt from standing so much. Getting a seat on the train after that kind of nigh, relief.

The space between me and the next person, snug, but we’re both comfortable.

Here she comes.

She isn’t really going to sit between us is she?

Yes! Yes she is!

She apologizes as she squeezes between us.

We both look at her, giving her the look you give someone when your angry, but prefer your face to do the talking.

She looks back at us both, totally clueless.

“Can you guys move over?”

Back To Basics


Picked this up at the library today.  My last grammar class was in the 7th grade.  Even though I’m likely a better a writer than I was then, my grammar needs some work.  It is easy for me to admit that.  So I’m doing a crash course on the basics.

Critiquing The News

I use to be a news junkie, and in some ways I still am.,I use to watch all the news channels and read the papers, and I use to enjoy it. Now I get the information I need and go.

The news industry has become more entertainment. I think we watch now to be more entertained than to be informed. Everyone has their go to news personality. Viewers seem to care more about the personality, than the actual news being delivered. They are in our homes every night, like friends, its only right we have our favorites.

One of the things that has bothered me in this social media age with the news is, there seems to less of an emphasis on being accurate. For example when there is a tragedy, they might give you a number for casualties and those injured. They’ll follow up and tell you that information may not be accurate. I’ve also notice reporters say things like, “we are hearing….” followed by “these reports have not been confirmed “What is the point in giving out information that has not been confirmed?” There is no benefit in admittedly giving out information that you know may not be accurate. It doesn’t serve the viewer and it doesn’t serve the reporter.

We can’t ignore the left and right news. I can’t decide what is more bothersome, the fact that we have left and right news, or people tuning into news because it lines up with their views. Shouldn’t we tuning into news for accurate information, rather than a place to get reinforcement about our views? I use think this was just a cable news things, but I started noticing it in our local paper, and even our local TV news, as news have become shameless in their bias. I know that news is a business, and the goal of any business is to make money. I understand that they, in some ways have to market to their audience. However, it is hard to trust a news organization that sells you something other than news.

Over Coffee

If we were having coffee right now….I’d hope you let me do most of the talking.  Sometimes, I just need someone to listen.  I’d hope you understand me, but at the very least, I hope you try to understand.

If we were having coffee right now…I would tell you I haven’t accomplished anything I set out to do, and that it bothers me.  It bothers a lot.

If we were having coffee right now….I would tell you how good it feels to voice my feelings at work.  I don’t like conflict, and love to keep the peace, even if its to my own detriment, but no more. I’ve been using my voice, and I have no intention of backing down.

If we were having coffee right now….I would tell you that this introvert totally rock the career fair last week.  Large crowds, being sociable, networking with attendees and recruiters alike, that is a big deal for me.  I don’t know what might come from the event, but I walked out of there feeling different.  Feeling more confident about events like this, than I ever had before, and with a lesson than I am more than I think I am.

If we were having coffee right now….I would tell you about that I’m not prepared for grad school, and wouldn’t make the deadliness for the Fall semester.  After visiting a few open houses, talking with admission counselors, I knew my chances were pretty slim.  Its still a goal, but I worry if I delay once again, if I’ll ever go.

If we were having coffee right now….I would tell you how I threw out a few stories I had written in a notebook a few years ago.  I wish I had kept them.  Maybe I would of published them.

If we were having coffee right now….I would tell you my mother is getting harder one me.  I don’t blame her, because it’s justified.  Just wish for a little understanding, but it is what it is.

If we were having coffee right now…I would have a latte, with a warm roll.


Feelings of sadness have been with me since the news broke yesterday.  I tried to go about the day, doing normal things. I even went into the city for a quick trip.  I couldn’t shake it.  I couldn’t shake it because I know what Parisians are feeling.  It was September 11, 2001 for us. The shock, the horror, the sadness, and trying to come to grips with what has happened.  Then the realization that things have changed.  Even though in the moment, you can’t pinpoint what those things are.

I can’t make sense of any of it.  The evil, and the loss of life.  I think of the people who were enjoying an evening at the restaurant, those who were enjoying their favorite sport, and those who were taking in a concert.  A normal Friday night for many.  Then I remembered those who went to work on that Tuesday in September fourteen years ago.  How they likely went into work, ready to tackle another day at work.  A normal Friday night, and a regular work day. What happened is just unimaginable.  The pain for the families, and loved ones, is almost too much for me to think about.

I wish I had something more profound to say.  So much sadness for the loss of life and fear for the world we’re living in.

What Is Her Story?

She comes in every day.

She sits at the same table in the cafe.

I wonder what her story is.

She has all her belongings with her.

She is homeless, I surmised.

I watch her closely.  Not because she’s suspicious, but because she is here every day.

I’m curious about her story, but know its rude to ask.

After a while, I see her approaching my desk.

She looks around, mumbling to herself before asking, “Do you have today’s paper?”

“Yes, there are all here”, I say as I point to the papers.

She takes them all and walk back to the cafe.

She never reads them, but I can see her talking to herself.

She gets up and walk back and forth a few times, all while talking herself, before finally returning the papers.

She does this again the next day.

And the days after.

How did she get to this point, I wondered.

Homeless, on her own, and possibly suffering from mental illness.

Possibilities run through my head but  I’ll never know.

At the end of the night as the barista brings her left overs from the cafe, I can’t help but wonder what her story is.

Writing 101 Day 10: Let the scene write itself

Writing and Not Writing

I admire those who write for a living.  I know how hard it is to write when you have nothing to write, when your heart may not be fully in your writing, but yet you have to write.

I’m not a professional writer, and I don’t write for living.  I don’t have the pressures they may have.  I write because I enjoy it.  It fills a space within me.  I can write whenever I feel like it without having to answer to someone.

In college, I wrote papers on subjects I had little care for.  Some of them were really good papers, but I did not enjoy writing them.  There was very little of me in them, even as I wrote them.  So when I have to write versus wanting to write, I don’t find any enjoyment it.

When I am not writing, I’m usually reading someone else’s writing.  Either in the form of a book, no matter how ridiculous the plot or a blog.  Not only do I enjoy it, it can give me inspiration for my own writing.

Sometimes, having a blog, I find myself thinking of things to write about, but I try not to obsess about the next thing to write.  Blogging for me is suppose to be fun, an outlet to express myself.  I understand that some people take their blogging very seriously.  Right now, that isn’t me.

I think taking a break from anything is a good idea.  Its good to hit pause and reset on at certain times. Doing this allows for us to clear our minds, have new experience, and get gain further inspiration.

Writing 101 Day 9: What do you do when you’re not writing? How do you reset and return to this dashboard. The assignments also asks how you would structure you day to write if you had little time to write, and suddenly had extra time.