That is how I felt when I realized the calendar turned to August.  I’ve never been as busy as I am, and it seemed like it crept up out of nowhere.  It was a reality check though.  If I’m going to do the things I plan to do, there is no place for procrastination, something I’m a professional at.  I’m balancing two  jobs that I really enjoy, I have graduate school applications I want out for the spring semester, other personal goals, and I really want to revive this neglected blog.

The initial panic subsided after realizing that panicking is silly.  Panicking gets you worked up and accomplishes nothing.  So I scolded myself for  panicking. I also went to target where back to school shopping is in full bloom.  I have been out of school for quite some time, and I found it was just what  I needed.  There was an atmosphere of excitement for the upcoming school year from kids and their parents.  This is how I hope to feel when I go back to school.  I want to do this. So  I grabbed a few things for myself.

I”m anxious but no longer panicked.  I’m currently working on deliberate time management.  This is certainly something different for someone who is so use to “winging it”.  I’m sure there will be trial and error along the way.  However, I am sure I will learn a few things, and hopefully have lots to share.