Viral Unwanted

So many times I’ve logged in with so much I want to say.  And so many times, I hold back.  Completely.

Sometimes I want to bear my feelings completely, but my fear over rides that need.

They say the internet is a great place to express yourself, and it is.

But not there is a lot of us who don’t want to go viral.  We just want our little place online where we feel safe enough to just be ourselves.

It has become something of an odd tug of war.  The pull to express ourselves on our blog, social media, and the apprehension to internet fame.

I rarely post anything personal on my social media pages anymore. I seldom engage in discussions social or political on social media.

Its an odd thing to argue when it seems like so many are eager to go viral.  In their minds, they are a viral blog post, or video away from stardom.

I don’t begrudge those who strive for this at all.  In fact, I say go for it, if it is what you want.

Like those who strive for viral stardom, there are those who hit unwanted viral fame, and the bright star is unwanted.

I think about this when I consider rebooting, and “putting myself out there”.  I don’t like that even my personal social media pages has come to lack my personality, and that this blog sits dormant because often I’m anxious about what I’m going to write.

Maybe there is a small part of some, that while the focus isn’t to make our blog, or Instagram take off, one certainly wouldn’t mind.

Then there are those who just want to enjoy their little corner of the internet.

I don’t think many people are prepared for internet fame.  It can come quickly and unexpectedly.  One blog post, one viral video, and one tweet.  That’s all it takes.


Social Media Clean Up

Recently, I’ve been leaning up my tumblr page.  It was something I started after I graduated college. Like many people, I posted gifs, memes and quotes.  I was never a regular poster, and popped in months at a time.  Still, its been interesting to read some of things I posted.  It seemed like, I was giving myself pep talks and encouragement through social media.

Just a brief sample:

I’m sure many people who graduated from college have this feeling at some point.

Don’t count on people and things to make you happy.


Change is hard, but it is natural and normal, and often necessary.

If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.”

-Nora Roberts

Social media has been a prominent part of our culture since I graduated high school.  The beauty in social media is that you can see how much you have changed by something as simple as the things you post.  They may seem mundane at the time, but later on, they may very well, be part of a larger story.

My tumblr posts were a small trip into where I was at that time.  Alot has changed since I  reblogged those messages, but so much of  the message still applies.